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The Bridge Between Brands and Buyers!

What we do…

It’s simple, we work with brands to help get their products onto the shelves of some of the biggest retailers in the world!

In addition, we work with buying departments to help them find the right brands and products!

We then bring both sides together for a successful and profitable partnership!

For Brands

We work with brands that aim to partner with and sell to retailers and resellers. We will help identify this B2B target audience and then construct and execute a sales process to develop partnerships with the right businesses!

For Buyers

We work as an extention of your buying department to help identify and approach brands that you are keen to work with. We will then reach out to the right brands to progress partnership discussions and engage them as suppliers!

Our Brand Partners

Check out the brands we are working with below!

how it works…

It all starts with you and your objectives. Understanding your business, your brand, your offering and your goals is key to success.

If you’re a brand looking to open doors to retailers and customers, we will work as an extention of your sales department. We will identify the right buyers and then use our bespoke and highly personalised sales process to engage with them. All on a commission only basis.

For buyers and buying departments, we will work with you for free to help identify the right products and suppliers for your business. We will work on specific categories and within specific territories to ensure we find the right product / market fit for you.

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