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Brands 2 Buyers was born in 2021 when our co-founders were enlisted as UK and EU sales agents for an Australian business that had designed and developed a unique piece of machinery focused at the waste & recycling industry. The machinery was successfully sold across Europe and our co-founders then focused on expanding their brand portfolio.

The next brand to join was the Leicester Hand Made Naan company. Brands 2 Buyers was appointed partners of LHMN to sell their delicious hand made naan breads to large retailers. After a successful partnership with Costco, Brands 2 Buyers expanded further to Roobub which brings us up to present day.

Our focus has and always will be on bridging the gap between great brands with great products and the buyers that they want to sell to.

All of our engagements start on a commission only basis which enables us to prove our value before a single penny is spent.

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